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GSB swing arm die cutting machine

GSB swing arm die cutting machine is Gerson design and manufacturing swing arm die cutting machine which is very very porpular die cutting machine .You will see many .It is most from our factory.

GSB swing arm die cutting machine
GSB swing arm die cutting machine

1. Like our other cutting machine, which is a driven by hydraulic power at the same time, designed to meet the human body engineering, to ensure the convenience of the operation: press the button, the machine cutting work, all cutting die can used on the machine to ensure the diversity of products.
2. Each time a light beam or adjustment of the cutting head or other, can be easily pushed to a larger operating room.Simple and efficient cutting point setting.Operation with double hands.
3. Cutting area and cutting pressure can be applied to cutting a variety of materials.
4. These two pieces of paper and the volume of the material can be machine cut, even in the multi layer can also be.
5. Special specifications include long stroke, large cross-sectional area, large power, etc., can be met.

Model Gerson GSB-8/10/12/14/15/16/18/20/25
Cutting Force 10,12,14,15,16,18,20,25 Tons
Sway Arm Width 330X450mm,350X450mm,450X550mm
Stroke Adjustment 5-75mm
Distance Between Upper Table And Lower Table 60-140mm
Table Area 900X400mm,1000X500mm
Electric Supply Voltage 3×440/415/400/380 /220V, 50/60 Hz
Motor Power 0.75kw,1.1kw,1.5Kw
Packing Size(LXWXH) 1100X1100X1700mm
Weight 500Kg/650kg/1000kg/1100kg
Hydraulic oil (46#) 50 Liters

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