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Hydraulic Flatbed cutting press

Gerson Hydraulic Flatbed cutting press is also called  Hydraulic Flatbed Die Cutting Machine that used  for die cutting the non-metal material : leather,fabric, rubber, plastic, paper,cardboard,cloth, sponge, nylon, and PVC boards soft and semi-rigid material in sheet or roll .

Hydraulic Flatbed cutting press
Hydraulic Flatbed cutting press

1. Four-column and double oil cylinders driving mechanism to realize high-tonnage cutting force, which is a sustaining power able to keep several seconds till the materials are cutting finished.
2.This  Hydraulic Flatbed cutting press can cut single layers or several layers of material with sheet or roll.
3.It is very easy to adjust the cutting stroke.
4.Auto feeder system is avaliable for customers choice which enables easy, convenient, safe and flexible operation.
5. Very high punching force is well suitable for large cutting die area.
6.special custom design or requirement welcome.

Max Cutting Force 8 to 500 tons
Cutting table Widths from 800 x 400mm to 3500mm x 3000mm
Feed type Manual and automatic feed
Gerson can make the cutting machine according to your specifical requirement :such as cutting force power,worktable size,motor etc.,

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