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hydraulic traveling head cutting press

Gerson hydraulic traveling head cutting press is hydraulic type versatile die cutting press suitable for cutting diverse range of industrial materials:hard-board , paper , textiles , plastics , sponge ,    leather , rubber , packing , floor convering , carpeting , glass-fiber cloth , cork etc for industries of    balls , lables , envelopes , paper tubes , garments , gaskets , plastic novelties , rubber products ,    shoes , leather goods , toys etc

hydraulic traveling head cutting press
hydraulic traveling head cutting press

1. The operation is labor-saving and simple ,with low malfunction, strong cutting power and high cutting speed.
2. Double oil cylinder and precise four-post automatic balance connecting rod structure, which can guarantee the absolutely same cutting depth of each cutting position.
3. When pressing the cutting board and touching the cutter, it can cut automatically and slowly to make that no size error between the uppermost layer and lowermost layer of the cutting material.
4. The special setting structure is equipped to assort with the cutter and cutting height to make the adjustment of stroke be simple and accurate
5. perating with two hands makes high safety.

Model GRT-25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Max Cutting Force 25 to 100 tons
Cutting table Widths 1800~2500mm or more
Cutting Head/Movable trolley 500 x 500mm up to 1000 x 1000mm
Gerson can make the cutting machine according to your specifical requirement :such as cutting force power,worktable size,motor,co

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