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Manual Fixed Beam Cutting Presses

or larger area work or where higher cutting forces are required, Gerson supply a vast range of fixed beam cutting presses.

Manual Fixed Beam Cutting Presses
Manual Fixed Beam Cutting Presses

1.Cut materials that are soft or semi rigid in single or multiple layers
2.The cutting machine is configure in four column, twin cylinder construction and double mechanical balancing system which guarantee the accurate cutting and reliable operation.
3.Heavy duty construction and low deflection
4.Cutting board micro-movement device can be allocated to evenly consume the cutting board and save cost.
5.the machine use linear sliding rail automatic feeding make it quiet and no shaking.
6.Welcome details of specification.

Model Maximum cutting power cutting table size(mm) Max.stroke(mm) GRB-25/30/40/50 25/30/40/50 (1250-2500)*(500-1500)mm 250mm
GRB-60/80/100 60/80/100 (1250-2500)*(500-1500)mm 250mm
GRB-120/150/200 20/150/200 (1250-2500)*(500-1500)mm 250mm
GRB-300/400/500 300/400/500 (1250-2500)*(500-1500)mm 250mm
Motor power(KW) machine size(mm) weight(kg) 2.2-4kw 2200*2700*1300mm or more 1600-3300kg
5.5-7.5kw 2300*2800*1300mm or more 4300-7600kg
11kw 2500*3100*1500mm or more 9500-13000kg
22kw 2500*3100*1500mm or more 15000-33000kg

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