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Movable beam press

Gerson movable beam press is the beam press with movable beam .The beam can move backward or forward easily.

Movable beam press
Movable beam press

1.The movable beam press that is better than  fixed beam press.It can be safe and more easily operation by the worker.

2.The machine can die cut out any shapes by the cutting knife/die/tool which could mount under the upper beam or placed on the material .

3.There have many cutting force and cutting table size available to meet the production requirement.

4.Gerson also have the other die cutting machine series  : Precision Four- automatic beam double -sided hydraulic cutting machine , precision  hydraulic cutting machine , plane hydraulic cutting machine , beam press.

5.If any customers that want to custom build die cutting machine ,please contact Gerson Machinery.

Model GRB(C)
Cutting Force 25-500 tons
Bed Depth 20-100 inches
Bed Width 35-100 inches
Feed Systems Hand placed material,Sliding table, Roll Feed, Clamp Feed,extended table feed system
Cutting Surfaces Cutting Boards, Hardened ground steel plates
Materials Abrasives, Carpet, Cork, Felt, Foam, Leather, Packaging, Rubber and more


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