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plastic clicker press

Gerson plastic clicker press is die cutting press machine for cutting out plastic .It could cutting out such as ABS,PET,PC,PVC sheet etc.,

plastic clicker press
plastic clicker press

1. This kind of clicker press could use for a wide variety of die-cutting applications. The most common uses are cutting soft to semi-rigid materials.
2.It is new hydraulic clicker press belonged one of hydraulic press that for small area cutting .The biggest cutting area can be 1200*500mm ,more cutting area can use the other die cutting press ,see Gerson machinery website such as beam press and traveling head press .

3.There have many company plant ,shop and lab using Gerson clicker press for cutting out plastic for production or for sample test etc.,

4.The cutting table,bed size,cutting force ,power or feed type have many models for choice ,also Gerson machinery accept any custom build.

Model Number GSB,GR,GRA(other model available)
Cutting area 1000*500mm(bigger size available)
Arm width 370*275mm(bigger size available)
Max cutting force 80Kn-280kn(bigger cutting force available)
Power 2HP
Stroke 5-95mm
G.W. 550kg
N.W. 500kg
Color custom built
Dimensions 650*750*1500mm
Packing size 800*850*1700mm
Voltage three/single phase,380v/220v
Hydraulic oil 46# 48# 68#
Function Die cutting
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Machine Die  cutting
Driven Type Hydraulic
Type  hydraulic cutting machine
Condition New

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