Shoes die cutting machine

Die cutting machine for  shoes or footwear.Gerson machinery have sold many cutting machine to the shoes factories in Asia,Africa,Europe,America,etc.,Also Gerson machinery can be for other soft material or semi-rigid material.

Shoes die cutting machine
Shoes die cutting machine

The nomal for small factoies like to use clicker press for their production.There have 8Tons cutting force to 28 cutting force for choice.The cutting area from 650mm*330mm to 1000mm*500mm .

The other cutting machine is travelling head press which have a travelling or moving head .The head area have 500mm*500mm,600mm*600mm or others up to 1000mm*1000mm.And cutting force choice is 25T,30T,35T,40T,50T,60T,80T,100T.

The third cutting machine is plane cutting machine which widely used in shoes factory in China.

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