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Specimen Sample Cutting Press

Gerson specimen sample cutting press is die cutting machine for making specimen sample ,the samples material can be from leather,plastic,rubber,fabric etc.,

For cutting out  small size of the specimen sample ,we recommend our small die cutting machine :

Specimen Sample Cutting Press
Specimen Sample Cutting Press

This die cutting machine with swing arm is very easy to do cutting jobs:.You only need to put the material on the cutting or working table ,Then put the cutting die/knife/tool where you want to cutting out the parts.Then pressed simultaneously by doublee hand .The upper plate will cutting down .The cutting jobs finished.

The cutting table size and cutting force can custom build .The following details as Gerson normal standard products:

Cutting area 800,900,1000,1200*400,500,610mm
Max cutting force 8-28tons )
Motor Power 2HP
Stroke 90mm
N.W. 470Kg
G.W. 500kg
Color Custom build
Arm Width 350*400mm( others available)
Voltage three/single phase,380v/220v/110V
Hydraulic oil 46# 48# 68#
Dimensions 900*760*1260mm
Packing size 1000*860*1500mm

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