25 ton cutting machine

25 ton cutting machine

Gerson 25 ton cutting machine is 25 ton clicker press .   USE AND CHARACTERISTIC: 1. It is used to cut vamp, sole, leather, rubber, chemical fiber, hand paper, cotton textile, etc. 2. It is equiped with a lubricating system, to reduce wear and prolong its service life. 3.The oil way system specially designed can conveniently adjust …

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Travelling Head Cutting Machine 25 ton and 35 tons

The Travelling Head Cutting Machine machine is mainly suitable for cutting varieties of non-metal materials such as Leather,Foam/Sponge,Cork,Plastic,Rubber,Paper,Felt,Card,Flooring,Shoe Materials,Craft Products,Carpet,Gasket materials,Electronics,Textiles 1. The operation is labor-saving and simple ,with low malfunction, strong cutting power and high cutting speed. 2. Double oil cylinder and precise four-post automatic balance connecting rod structure, which can guarantee the absolutely same cutting …

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25 ton clicker press

Gerson 25 ton clicker press is one of Gerson clicker press with 25 tons cutting force .Gerson have 5 tons to 30 tons clicker press and have 25 tons to 500 tons traveling head press ,beam press. 1. Two button operation make the safty for the workers. 2. The rocker arm can easily move when changing the cutting …

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