receding head press machine

receding beam press

The receding beam press is one of beam press with receding beam .It is widely used for large size of soft and semi-rigid material :leather,Textile,Plastics,Rubber,Foam,Composites,Paper,Paperboard,Wood,Leather,Cork,Felt etc., 1.The upper receding beam or head can be moved forwards and backwards and the distance is fine adjustable for the convenience of placing cutting materials. 2.Cutting area same as …

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hot sale receding head press machine

The receding head cutting machine is widely applicable for cutting of nonmetal materials in various industries by die cutter.For example leather, rubber, plastic, plastic packing, textile and chemical fibre etc. 1.Double oil cylinder and precise double-crank connecting rod balancing mechanism are adopted,which can gurantee that the cutting depth at every cutting position is same. 2.Operation …

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