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Travelling head cutting machine for sale

Travelling head cutting machine for sale ,Gerson machinery is leading die cutting machine technology manufacturer in China.Which have strong R&D center with advanced manufacturing equipments,we could design and manufacture according to customer detailed requirement.

Travelling head cutting machine for sale
Travelling head cutting machine for sale

Product Description

1.The doubie oil cylinder and precise four-column automatic balancing mechanism can make the cutting depth within the cutting area even.

2.With stable pressure,there will be no occurrence of cutting failure or edge burr.

3.The cutting head can be freely positioned leftwards and rightwards,it is suitable for continuous operation of large areas of materials.

4.The transverse movement is provided with manual and automatic operations,and the distance is subjected to fine adjistment.

5.Pushbutton controls (time interlock synchronization during cutting phase) to ensure positive safety for the operator

6.Really exceptional trolley displacement speed

7.High power continuity

8.Low energy consumptions

9.High reliability, no primary maintenance required


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